Vystar experienced a 29% growth in memberships while working with Cox Media Group.

They told us that targeting was the issue-and we knew we could shine with our capabilities on that opportunity.

Putting a Plan into Action

Instead of playing it safe, we asked to tackle the business goal they struggled most with increasing the number of low balance credit card transfer clients. The problem for Vystar wasn't getting applicants. The problem was not being able to get qualified applicants to the program. That told us that targeting the right people was the issue-and we knew our CMG Data solutions could solve this problem for Vystar. After the success of this campaign, the client began giving us more opportunities in the digital space, including running their paid search campaign, and a larger integrated branding campaign.

Of all of the sales people trying to sell me digital-they all think they know what they are saying...and when I ask questions, they don't seem to know the answers or the answers don't make sense. But you all-you really do know what you are doing and in my opinion the best in the business.

- VyStar Client

A Multichannel Strategy, Real Results

All product lines for VyStar up-auto loans, mortgages, etc. Membership had its highest growth to date that year. For the Credit Card Transfer campaign, the client saw a 40% increase in users who qualified for the promotion! Overall, the client has experienced almost a 30% growth since working with our team.