Ackerman Security increased their revenue by 10%

Ackerman needed leads coming in daily to convert new business and we knew we could help them achieve their business goals.

Putting a Plan into Action

Each month the client was tracking incoming leads from all of their advertising YOY and was able to prove that each month CMG Local Solutions helped beat the same month the year before in new leads, revenue, and over-delivered on the client's monthly lead goals. With the CMG Analytics team's help, we were able to track conversions through the "Set Appointment" and "Instant Quote" buttons on the client's website. This metric allowed us to determine the amount of leads and conversions that were coming from each tactic. The client worked with us to share how many leads were coming in monthly for us to divide the advertising dollars spend by leads and determine the cost per lead as well. The partnership with the client was jut one of the many factors that helped make this campaign successful.

We completely noticed when we are on and not on WSB-TV. I was astounded by how many people not only watch the station, but the credibility that it applies to the advertisers too.

- Nick B. Thomas, CMO at Ackerman Security