Atlanta Healthcare Provider had a 21% increase in leads.

Atlanta Healthcare Provider was getting tons of leads, but none of them were converting. We knew we could immediately address the quality of their leads in Paid Search and Social.

Putting a Plan into Action

The quality of the leads was their biggest concern. They were getting tons of leads, but none of them were converting into customers (or patients). We worked with CMG Health Marketing and pulled research to narrow in on their target audience, which was adults 50+ experiencing joint pain. Knowing their aggressive lead goal of was 250+ appointments per month, we knew Paid Search and Social Lead Generation would be the best solutions to hit those goals. They had also been running a local Atlanta TV campaign, which would assist the digital campaign as well.

These have been our best weeks ever!

- Atlanta Healthcare Provider

A Strategy That Drives Results

Atlanta Healthcare Provider has received 1,744 leads from their Local Solutions campaign which consists of form fills and phone calls. They have a 21% lead to schedule rate across all 6 of their markets. 2019 is on pace to break all of their scheduling and enrollment records. They are thrilled with our customer service and they continue to thank us for being so responsive and helpful with all of their questions pertaining to marketing & business.