Forever Metal Roof Expands its Reach and Sees the Sales

Expanding Their Reach to the Right Audience

Forever Metal Roof was already very successful in their Southern New Hampshire backyard but wanted to expand towards Boston. They felt like there was more audience to reach in Boston, and even more households to reach in their home market. Their goal was to increase leads. CMG Local Solutions knew than an integrated marketing strategy would allow them to reach an audience they were not currently reaching and give them the opportunity to grow their business.

It can be really difficult for a small business to establish themselves as a leader amongst their competitors but it can be even more difficult to take a good business and find opportunities to make them even better. And that's where the folks at CMG have come into play. They understand the family business that we are and the excellence that we always strive for. Since we've formed our partnership, I'd have to say - campaign after campaign - our brand awareness, lead generation, everything has gotten exponentially better. I really love the partnership we've formed and the relationship we have and I can't wait to see what 2018 brings.

- Ryan Hayes, Forever Metal Roof

A True Partnership Brings True Results

Forever Metal Roof was initially skeptical about digital. The initial campaign started with broadcast. Over time, as the partnership grew we later incorporated digital including Targeted Display and OneSearch to first build brand awareness with this new audience and then ultimately generate more leads for their business. The campaign exceeded Forever Metal Roof's expectations. They saw a significant increase in calls and form submissions and saw a huge ROI!