Local Dealership increased their sales by 30% this past year

Not only did the Digital Manager have the opportunity to work with our experienced and knowledgeable digital team, but more importantly, their Silverado sales increased in only 2 months and their competitor's sales in their backyard decreased dramatically!

Taking Local Dealership to the Next Level

The client was mainly focused on the bottom of the sales funnel, but we explained the importance of reaching consumers at every step of their purchase journey. Creating awareness and staying top of mind at the top of the funnel would create cost efficiencies towards the bottom of the funnel and drive conversions. Therefore, we presented a solution that, while still concentrating a good portion of the budget on Paid Search, also included many tactics that would get the brand in front of convertible audiences throughout the consumer journey.

In addition to Paid Search, our solution consisted of Pre-Roll Video & OTT (working in conjunction with their local TV spots), Display Retargeting, Social Display/Video/Lead Gen, and Dynamic Display.

2018 was the best year we have ever had in 28 years of being in business. We were shooting for a 15% increase [in sales] ...we achieved a 30% increase! It doesn't get better than that!

An Integrated Campaign Sees Immediate Results

They are very pleased with our proactive and timely communication with them, which adds to the value of the relationship. They truly appreciate our creative ad ideas produced by Dave Mikolas, and our ability to always be one step ahead to keep all of the moving pieces running at peak efficiency