Local Dealership becomes the #1 Ford dealer in the US

A Local Ford Dealer partnered with Local Solutions and watched their dealership grow to become the #1 Ford dealer in the nation.

Their Digital Opportunity

A Local Ford Dealer already had a strong presence in Texas and the nation, as they are the leading F-series dealer across the US. They were running consistent radio campaigns with CMG and through the partnership we identified weaknesses in their digital strategy. CMG Local Solutions completed a deep dive analysis and provided Planet Ford with a new strategy that would drive real business results.

This Local Ford Dealer really needed to increase their presence with the Spanish market. There was also competition creeping in, threatening their market share of F150 and F250 model sales. By focusing on these two challenges, we set our goal to ensure potential car buyers knew this was the place to shop and then ultimately convert with the purchase of a new Ford.

We average about 650 new leads each month. We also lowered the bounce rate, increased time on site, increased impression share, and lowered cost-per-click.

A Multichannel Strategy, Real Results

We worked with a Local Ford Dealer to craft a consistent, multichannel advertising strategy with their specific challenges in mind. With all the digital touchpoints in the car buying cycle it was crucial that we had the right mix in place to reach consumers with the right message at the right time so they would continue in their path to purchase.

We launched Targeted Display's dynamic creative to focus on truck sales. We added a Spanish campaign utilizing OneSearch and Targeted Display. CMG Analytics developed a customized measurement plan to track campaign performance. They also deployed an attribution model so we could make informed optimization decisions as the campaign progressed to increase performance.

Month-over-month, we saw better qualified traffic to the site and higher levels of engagement. These results left a Local Ford Dealer optimistic leading into 2018.