Local tractor dealer grows 50% in 3 years!

Local tractor dealer implements a marketing strategy with Local Solutions and becomes the #1 Mahindra dealer nationwide.

Taking Local Tractor Dealer to the Next Level

A local Mahindra tractor dealer, didn't have an established brand and had limited marketing exposure. The business already had three locations and were third nationwide for Mahindra tractors. The Local Solutions team knew a good marketing plan would take the local tractor dealer to the next level.

While Mahindra is a premiere tractor brand, most consumers want the well-known brands or what is perceived as the "best". This local tractor dealer needed to educate people on why Mahindra is just as good as top competitors. CMG Local Solutions knew the client would see immediate success by implementing a comprehensive strategy that included radio and digital advertising.

We started advertising with Cox Media Group about four years ago. We were not a very big dealer at that time, but since then we have become the number one dealer in North America and we've been able to hold that status for four years. We've grown over 50% in the last 3 years and added a couple of locations...Cox Media Group has done a great job for us.

An Integrated Campaign Sees Immediate Results

This local tractor dealer's initial advertising plan focused on radio. They are a very seasonal business so their advertising fluctuated based on the typical busy seasons. The radio campaign was so successful that they became the #1 Mahindra dealer in North America!

As the partnership with CMG Local Solutions grew, we integrated OneSearch and Targeted Display. Sales doubled for the local tractor dealer. They continue to retain their spot as the #1 Mahindra Dealer in North America and have added a 4th location to their business.