Local Luxury Car Dealerships Sells Double Their Competitors

After a 10-year traditional partnership with CMG, this luxury dealership sees massive gains after adding digital to their marketing mix.

Putting a Plan into Action

This luxury car dealership has been a radio advertiser with CMG for the past 10 years. The dealership was facing a major renovation in 2017 that threatened to severely limit in store traffic. This created a unique opportunity to leverage digital to create a virtual showroom.

They sold nearly DOUBLE the number of new luxury cars as their local competitor and earned 61% share in the market.

A Strategy That Drives Results

CMG Local Solutions worked with the dealership to develop a digital strategy that would completely surround the luxury dealership customers throughout their entire journey, ensuring that other luxury dealers weren't stealing them away. The strategy utilized Targeted Display, Connected Video an OneSearch.

Despite construction, they were able to hold, and in some months, grow share over their local competitor. They sold nearly double the number of new luxury cars as their competitor with over a 61% share in the market. They also saw increased click-through-rates (CTRs) across all channels as well as an increase in calls. This proved the campaign was driving qualified and engaged potential customers. This luxury dealership exceeded their campaign goals.