Over one year, US Legal generated 2,378 quality recruiting leads.

CMG was the only partner they would trust for this volume of digital business.

Expanding Their Reach to the Right Audience

We discovered that this client had, up until now, solely been relying on their sales people to recruit new attorneys to become part of their network. They had just picked up several major companies that they would be offering legal insurance to. If they didn't find a way to recruit new attorneys at a faster pace, they wouldn't be able to deliver on these big new contracts of theirs.

The U.S. Legal owners have stated that not only have we helped them tremendously in their recruitment efforts of attorneys, but also that the morale of their employees is actually up.

- Jacksonville Radio

A True Partnership Brings True Results

Local Solutions generated 2,378 quality leads across LinkedIn and Facebook, and form fills on the client's website. More importantly, nearly 50% of those 2,378 leads took the next step in becoming a U.S. Legal Network Attorney by requesting the contract be mailed to them. And 30% of those that requested contracts ended up becoming US Legal Network Attorneys. There are now over 350 additional U.S. Legal contracted attorneys across the United States because of the success of the CMG Local Solutions campaign!