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10 Types of Video Content For Your Brand

Video content

If you're a brand marketer trying to create compelling content to reach a larger audience, you should consider producing original video. With more types of video content becoming available to brand marketers, it's proving increasingly valuable in driving engagement and conversions. According to Hyperfine Media, video content on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent, and 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos on social media.

While it may not be practical to produce all these content types at the start, brands should aggressively test their video content options to discover what works best. Check out these 10 types of popular content:

1. Interviews

One of the foundational forms of content, interviews also work well in video form. You can edit and cut them together to present only the essential information or show the full interview. If your consumers seek information and guidance, you can rely on interview video content to showcase thought leaders or experts.

2. Webinars

Need to formally present a product or service to explain its benefits for potential customers? Consider a webinar. This format is easy to create, as you can often piece together information from past presentations or talks covering related subjects. It's a great way to leverage video as an educational tool, as well.

3. Vlogs

Short, intimate and bursting with personality, vlogs rely on the individual running the show. According to Single Grain, if you can find a dynamic person to film and discuss issues relevant to your consumers, you should definitely give vlogs a shot and see how well you can build an audience.

4. Video PowerPoint

Similar to a webinar, a video PowerPoint doesn't heavily lean on live-motion video. It's quick to throw together and convenient for marketers who feel spread too thin. If you're against a wall and need video content fast, turn to a video PowerPoint.

5. Live Video

Live video is relatively new, but brands flock to this content option on Facebook, Periscope and other platforms. Early engagement results for live video are high, and you can use the platform for many types of video content, including interviews, product demonstrations and any content that benefits from user interaction.

6. Animations

For numbers-heavy or otherwise complicated subject matter, animations and graphics can lighten the content and make the information more accessible. It's especially useful to brands with technical products and services.

7. Product Demonstrations

This content can effectively showcase individual products, similar to an online infomercial. You can also cut these demonstrations from larger video content, including webinars.

8. Short Social Videos

While Facebook and Periscope are great for live video, other platforms can publish and share engaging, short video clips you can quickly publish and share on social media. For instance, a video on Instagram or Vine only lasts a few seconds, but it can quickly reach a wide audience, especially younger demographics. For brands looking to make a strong, quick first impression in such industries as fashion and sports, test this short video format.

9. Testimonials

They sometimes feel scripted, but consumer testimonials can still influence prospective buyers. Add these videos to product pages to motivate the consumer to follow through with the conversion.

10. Cultural Content

Emotional connections drive true consumer engagement and customer loyalty. Brands should leverage their internal culture and celebrate the way their brand affects positive change externally to create emotionally gripping culture content and humanize their organization. Every company can find aspects of their operations that tell their story in a way that will resonate with consumers.

While you don't need to implement all 10 types of video content right away, marketers should survey these options and prioritize which content options to start making headway and reaching a larger audience.

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