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2018 Marketing Trends: What to Look For

2018 trends.jpgThere are still a couple weeks left in 2017, but marketers are already looking toward next year and the new marketing trends they should factor into their budgets. While it's impossible to know specifically what challenges the new year will bring, a few 2018 marketing trends are already forming.

Invest in Video Ads, Especially on Facebook

Streaming video on social media was one of the biggest growth drivers in 2017, so it comes as no great surprise that the trend will continue into next year. Recode reported that video ad spending is expected to grow 49 percent (to roughly $18 billion) in 2018.

As streaming on laptops and other large-display devices further declines, mobile streaming will continue to dominate other devices. Although mobile video has spread across the web, the most views in 2018 will still come from social media — specifically Facebook — making spending on this platform essential in the new year for even the most budget-conscious marketers.

While some marketers may have invested in several different video services, those hoping to streamline their budgets should look to prioritize Facebook over platforms like YouTube or Instagram in the new year.

Attribution, Coming Soon

Google's release of their Attribution tool has benefited marketing professionals looking for more comprehensive information regarding customer conversion. By combining data from Google Analytics, AdWords and DoubleClick Search, Attribution provides the cross-channel context marketers need to view a full conversion journey, as opposed to just the last click. Search Engine Watch noted that this new technology can be useful for understanding the keywords or search terms that effectively start the conversion process, which is helpful in reflecting their true value.

Following the global rollout in 2018, this tool should help marketers streamline their promotions — so they can be a bit more careful with their overall budget and get the most bang for their buck in the new year.

The Growth of Personalization Technology

Targeting has made ad personalization possible to a limited degree, and Forbes reported that rapidly progressing technology is allowing for truly personalized content. New options use precision analytics to track audience profiles and create buyer personas in order to generate specific personalized content.

While you may not want to invest your entire budget in this emerging technology, spending a little to get in on the ground floor of an upcoming trend could serve you well. Personalization technology could be on track to shake up the marketing world not only in 2018 but in 2019 and beyond. By prioritizing this trend in the new year, you can ensure your audience remains engaged and your budget will have the bandwidth to continue supporting growth further down the road.

This year's not over yet, but as we enter the final months, it doesn't hurt to look ahead at the 2018 marketing trends that will drive business.

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