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3 Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Facebook marketing tipsThough Facebook is a great tool for businesses that want to engage with their customers, it's also very useful for accomplishing more tangible goals. With a little know-how, marketers can increase relevancy and visibility, and even grow physical store visits. Here are the Facebook marketing tips you should be employing now.

Use Audience Optimization to Increase Relevancy

Facebook posts have historically had an uncertain impact on visibility (some brands do extremely well, while others stumble), but the platform recently rolled out an audience optimization tool that allows businesses to target specific subsets of their audience for individual posts. For instance, if you are a retail clothing company and create a post that markets a new line of bras, you can exclude male recipients (who would be unlikely to find this specific post relevant).

Post Videos to Increase Brand Visibility

It's common knowledge that Facebook shares are a great way to grow your social media presence. However, while plenty of marketers post images and links with text that implores fans to "like and share," the easiest way to ensure your posts are boosting your brand is surprisingly simple: post videos. According to MarketingLand, original videos posted by businesses average 268 percent more shares than article links. You may think video advertising is too costly to get into, but tools like YouTube Director have made it possible to get in on the ground floor of video content creation with no upfront cost.

Respond to Messages to Encourage Physical Visits

Many of the best Facebook marketing tips are simple and inexpensive. Though you've probably entered your business address, phone number and even hours of operation, consumers may still have some questions. For instance, if you're a retail clothing shop, some folks may want to know if you stock a certain brand, sell plus-size clothing or have a maternity section. By keeping an eye on your messages and responding to consumers quickly, you can build trust and improve awareness.

While you might be tempted to think that it's enough to make simple posts on Facebook to communicate with current and future customers, the fact is that, by taking specific actions, you can do more than just reach consumers — you can grow your business in measurable ways and increase conversions.

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