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3 Hacks to Get Better Content Marketing Results

content marketing hacks

Content is a cornerstone of any great marketing strategy. Great content boosts visibility, builds brand awareness and turns interested consumers into repeat customers. But while the content itself has tangible benefits that are immediately evident, there are other aspects of your marketing strategy that you may not be taking full advantage of.

Here are three ways to get better results from your content marketing strategy. These hacks will help you see bigger returns from your content and make your posts work harder for you.

A/B Split Test Your Headlines

First impressions can make or break content, and every marketer knows the value of crafting memorable headlines. But using A/B split testing for social media posts helps you to hone in on what first impressions resonate most with the consumers you're trying to attract. For example, if you're creating content for an organic grocery store, you could use A/B tests to see whether broad headlines that emphasize community impact or health benefits will attract more clicks. Then you could alter your strategy moving forward according to the performance of each of the tested headlines. Even if marketers have a good idea about who their audience is and what message it wants to hear, A/B testing of headlines is a great way to further target your audience and hone your message, ensuring high click-throughs across the board.

Create Evergreen Content That's Easily Repurposed and Reposted

Have you ever had a single piece of content that was so well received you wish you could duplicate its success? You can! Repurposing and reposting content is actually a well-established practice of many small, midsize, and even large companies. Although marketers should take care never to mislead consumers (changing a date or passing an old post off as new would be unethical), reposting some of your more popular pieces to your social networks can be useful. In this way, past popular content comes back into the spotlight and finds a new audience, making your existing content library work harder for you to provide new opportunities.

Handcraft Your Social Posts

Although there are plenty of automated programs out there that will create tweets and posts automatically for your content, these programs often can't reach your audience the same way that a handcrafted post will. For one thing, boiling down the essence of your post into a few excerpt words won't entice many, thanks to the automated way that these pregenerated posts sound. However, creating a message that speaks in a personal way to your audience will go a long way toward making social media posts that are not only highly clickable, but also shareable. Marketing Land suggests that businesses take advantage of special tools that help to make Facebook and Twitter posts more aesthetically pleasing to catch the eyes of consumers and stand out from the crowd.

Simply having a content marketing strategy in isn't enough. You need to use it your full advantage. By trying out some of these simple tactics, you'll see gains in both brand awareness and traffic.

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