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3 Home Improvement Marketing Tips for Social Media

Home improvement marketing tipsThough virtually every business in the world can benefit from beefing up its social media presence, the home improvement industry in particular is one area where social media content is especially crucial. A recent report in Mobile Marketer revealed that 22 percent of consumers working on home improvement projects were directly influenced by ads on mobile, social media and desktop, with 19 percent of those surveyed specifically looking to either Facebook or Pinterest for ideas. Once you've set up your social-media profiles, you may be wondering exactly what home improvement marketing tips you can implement to maximize the effectiveness of your social-media presence.

Invite Consumers to Share Reviews

Positive word-of-mouth is important for any business, but for the home improvement industry it's absolutely critical. And while you should never offer discounts or rewards for positive reviews, asking social-media fans to share a quick review is a great way to build your online presence and give potential customers confidence before they contact your business about projects.

In addition to regular reviews, businesses can also ask current customers' permission to share photos of completed projects on social media. While it's important to respect customers' privacy (and clear any photos of their homes with them before posting), showcasing completed projects is a great way to let your work speak for itself online.

Start Producing Regular Content

The idea of home improvement can be pretty overwhelming at first, and while a potential consumer may want to take on a big project, they might not know where to start. Fortunately, this is where your business comes in. Regularly publishing blog posts about different types of projects, how to get started, and new trends in the home improvement industry can help inform both existing and potential customers. Plus, promoting these posts via social media will help expose your content to the widest audience possible.

Enlist the Help of an Expert

Just like the best home improvement projects, home improvement marketing is most successful when done with the help of an expert. Consider partnering with an established media company, to make sure that your content and social-media posts are reaching as many potential customers as possible and growing conversions along the way. Though home improvement companies will still need to source things like content and reviews, a social-media marketing expert can help ensure a home improvement marketing plan is running as efficiently as possible.

By having a smart social-media presence that includes great content and positive reviews (plus a little bit of help from an expert), home improvement companies can really lay the foundations to build their businesses!

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