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3 Home Services Marketing Tips for This Summer

Home Services MarketingThe lazy days of summer are finally here, and for most, that means the time for vacations, grilling and plenty of relaxing. However, if you own a home improvement or services business, that may also mean less activity since home owners are preoccupied with summer fun. While this trend may have been true in years past, here are three solid home services marketing tips to implement this year so consumers come to your business, even as temperatures rise.

1. Ramp up Your Content Efforts

Content marketing is always important for lead generation, but in the summertime, it's crucial to educate consumers about home maintenance needs unique to this season. Publishing blog posts and videos to educate consumers with quick tips and tricks to keep their home running smoothly during this season can build credibility for your company. They can also help home owners identify potential issues with their home and your company is now positioned to take care of the need.

Even if a reader doesn't deem that they need your company's services, they might share the article for someone who does. Research group Fractl noted that one in 10 articles shared on Facebook is done to help a friend or family member. After all, no one wants to deal with a broken air conditioner or leaky roof in the middle of summer.

2. Build Local Awareness

Here's a staggering statistic: 40 percent of consumers wouldn't know who to call if they had a need related to home maintenance in the next three months. And even though a Google search could help consumers find you in a pinch, it could help them find your competitors, too.

Instead of relying on last-minute searchers for leads, use the summer to build brand awareness with boosted content and local social media campaigns that target homeowners in ZIP codes your business would service. Though there are many ads you can make, one that has a "click-to-call" feature could help consumers think of you first and dial directly.

3. Speak to Your Audience

There are a wide range of businesses within the Home Services category and a home owner's level of knowledge in each is vastly different. Our research shows that home owners feel most prepared to tackle deep cleaning and pest control services. On the flip side, they feel least prepared to handle HVAC services followed closely by water damage and structural repair. Understanding where your business falls within this scale of home owner preparedness can help tailor your marketing message. Speaking to the level of knowledge and comfort of the home owner will establish trust and increase the response from your advertising message.

Though you want to advertise your business all throughout the year, it's important to develop a strategy that speaks to the specific challenges of each season. Developing relevant content, targeting local consumers and advertising specific services will go a long way toward making this summer a more profitable one for your home services business.

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