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3 Key Takeaways from Google's Approach to SEO

Search engine optimization connects businesses with relevant audiences who search for their products and services. In late 2019, Google provided an inside look at how they think about SEO. Each tip highlights SEO strategies they use which you can also use to gain significant, measurable growth.

At CMG, we think staying on top of the shifting tools, trends, and guidelines that govern search engine visibility is the best way to amplify your marketing strategy. Here are three key takeaways you can add to your existing strategies to start rating higher in potential customers' search results:

1. Incorporate Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Before you start changing your marketing strategies, evaluate your current site. Google Analytics can give you deep insight into how visitors behave and engage with your content. It can give you information like:

  • Percentage breakdowns of where traffic is coming from.
  • What pages have the most traffic coming from search results compared to social media and other sources.
  • How visitors typically navigate from their first click to your shopping cart.

This information tells you how visitors get to your site and what they do when they get there.

Google Search Console, on the other hand, evaluates how your page performs in Google search results. It can:

  • Tell you the average placement of your site for different search terms.
  • Let you know how searchers first see your results.
  • Suggest changes to improve your site.

2. Make Your Website Easy for Bots to Read

Most SEO tips focus on building up your website for human eyes. But it's just as important to build your site for artificial visitors. Bots crawl through your site's metadata and organizational structures to learn what your site is really about. Adding canonical links, updating your XML sitemap, and making sure your meta tags are accurate gives bots the information they need. Making these changes will only improve your visibility in search results over time.

3. Make Small, Actionable Goals

Fill your 2020 marketing strategy with small, actionable goals that you and your employees can handle. Doing smaller cleanups, content refreshes, and organizational projects are the best way to make systematic progress. For example, you can set a goal to optimize X% of your pages' meta descriptions and tags per week. Small, consistent changes lead to big improvements without the stress of doing everything at once.

Need help making your site a high-quality resource? Cox Media Group is here to help with tools and services built to streamline your SEO maintenance projects.

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