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3 Strategies to Generate More Leads

Generate more leadsLead generation has become one of the top goals of digital marketing. Companies are eager to use digital channels to expand their reach among an audience, increase their client base and generate new revenues. But many brands — particularly young ones that are still working to build a solid consumer base — find themselves struggling to effectively and consistently generate these leads. By employing a few proven strategies to generate more leads, these brands can slowly increase their consumer interactions and build toward a more lucrative stream of clients. Here are three key strategies that encourage user action and increase conversions.

1. Use Paid Search

Paid search is a very valuable source of leads. But, due to competition, the top keywords in your industry may be too expensive to pursue. As such, you should do a little research to find strong, relevant keywords and phrases that are lower volume and therefore face less competition. By doing so, you can find an affordable way to drive potential customers to your website — because when those lower-volume key phrases are searched, you'll rank very high.

2. Create a Responsive Design That Includes Calls-to-Action

In today's mobile age, responsive design is a necessity. As more and more Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, your site must be able to adapt to desktops, tablets and smartphones in order to attract all potential customers and keep them from bouncing to a competitor.

In addition, your site should include relevant content that demonstrates your expertise and calls-to-action that will encourage consumers to take potentially profitable actions. These calls-to-action come in many forms: They may encourage a customer to reach out to your company by email or phone, connect with your company over social media, subscribe to a newsletter or download a resource, such as a white paper. The goal is to build a connection to the consumer through which a conversion might ultimately be earned. But it's important to note that there is such a thing as too many calls-to-action. If you include too many, your content may come off as spam, and your brand's trustworthiness will be called into question as a result.

3. Give Out Free Resources

According to CIO, you can gain consumer trust by offering useful resources, such as white papers or e-books, for free. Requiring users to fill out a short form before downloading eBooks or other resources allow you to capture their information and nurture that relationship, all while building rapport and demonstrating your expertise. Furthermore, if potential customers find these resources useful, they will be encouraged to invest in your offerings.

By using these strategies to generate more leads, your company can slowly build a better online presence that will earn greater consumer engagement. Or, if you'd rather focus on running your business, a trusted digital marketing firm can manage these lead generation tactics for you.

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