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3 Tips for Post-Holiday Marketing

Planning a successful online marketing campaign comes with many challenges--especially around the holidays. When the season of giving draws to a close, most businesses face a lull in sales as many consumers are literally spent.

This is the season when marketers must think outside the traditional advertising box to draw leads, new consumers, and existing customers back into the sales funnel. Here are three tips for planning a successful marketing campaign after the holidays have come to a close.

1. Plan Ahead For Future Red-Letter Dates

Get creative with holidays that come up early on the calendar, like Valentine's Day, and Saint Patrick's Day. Consider tying in some kind of associative discount, clearance sale, or event to draw your customers' attention. For example:

  • Valentine's Day - Incorporate Valentine's Day into an attention-grabbing ad or connecting sales to the holiday. Depending on your industry, products or services, there are many possibilities from pink pricing platforms to romantic rates and angelic offerings.
  • St. Patrick's Day - Save some serious "green" on St. Patrick's Day, find your golden discount at the end of the rainbow. Any of these promotions could occur during the month of March, on, around or up until March 17th.

2. End of Year Clearance

Examine your inventory to find items that aren't selling well or in jeopardy of being discontinued and pass savings onto customers. It's not necessary to slash prices so far it cuts into profits, but reducing this margin may mean the difference between making or losing money on stale items sitting around collecting dust in a warehouse.

3. An Attitude of Gratitude

When the year draws to a close, businesses should thank their loyal customers for their patronage over the last 365 days. Consumers truly appreciate this type of recognition whether it's attached to a discount or merely meant as a serious mention of the fact you've been paying attention to them as valued customers.

As an added bonus, this type of gratitude can lead to other benefits. Customers will have an important subliminal connection given this type of outreach that will often lead to continued repeat business, passing along and sharing positive comments to friends and family members whether posted online or presented in person.

All of us at Local Solutions want to sincerely wish you and yours a very prosperous New Year. We're here for you and are committed to your success today and in the future.

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