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3 Website Conversion Rate Mistakes You Need to Know

Website Conversion RateThough boosting website conversion rates seems like a straightforward task for marketers, there's some nuance to crafting a strategy that includes this goal. In fact, while it may sound a little strange, some of the efforts you may take to get customers to convert could actually end up having the reverse effect, driving them away from your website. Here are three mistakes you might be making that could adversely affect your website conversion rate.

1. You're Trying Too Hard to Educate Your Customers

It's no secret that today's customer is well-educated. But don't underestimate just how educated your average customer is. According to Forbes, 82 percent of customers research something online long before they're ready to purchase, meaning they've already done their homework. Additionally, they likely know exactly what they want and are just looking for the right business to help them accomplish their goal.

So, if you own a flooring store, instead of spending a lot of time on your website landing page promoting content that details the differences in types of carpet pile, instead keep the focus on setting up a free measurement or estimate and keep links to informational content in the sidebar. This will keep potential customers focused on taking action rather than looking through content that might not interest them.

2. Your Call to Action Is Too Generic

The importance of a call to action can't be overstated, but it's vital that businesses trying to boost their website conversions use the right ones to accomplish their goals. Overused phrases like "Buy today" and "Sign up now" aren't going to elicit the same reactions they did several years ago, and chances are good that if a customer has heard a generic call to action before, they'll simply gloss right over instead of clicking.

Instead of using old phrases, create a concise call to action that's specific to your business and addresses a common question. For instance, continuing with the example of the flooring store above, instead of using the generic "Call for a free estimate" on your website landing page, use something specific such as "Click below to schedule your appointment with an installation professional today."

3. You Don't Have Enough Action-oriented Design Elements

It's not just the words you use on your website that encourage conversions, but the way your website is designed. According to Forbes, marketers looking to boost website conversion rates should employ design mechanics that maximize opportunities for conversion everywhere they can. This can include everything from sign-up opportunities in the sidebar to popup offers, links in blog posts and even header and footer graphics.

Though you don't want your website to be aesthetically displeasing, increasing the quantity and visibility of conversion opportunities on your website should make it easier for customers who already know what they want to convert, thus having a positive effect on your conversion rate.

No matter what your conversion goal is, chances are your metrics could use a boost. Making sure you're avoiding these common mistakes can boost your website conversion metrics and help you reach your marketing target easier.

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