3 Website Design Updates to Attract and Convert Customers Fast

Posted By Ashley Rios on July 21, 2017

Website DesignPeople take first impressions seriously. That's why a clean and updated website design is vital when it comes to attracting new prospects. And while adventurous property buyers may see value in a fixer-upper, an outdated website will always drive leads right into the clutches of your competitors.

But how exactly does poor web design turn off prospects? And how can you earn them back? Here are the three design updates you need to make:

1. Simplify Everything

Much like clutter can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a room, a busy website can quickly repel a potential customer. In fact, visitors can judge the attractiveness of a website within 50 milliseconds, according to Google.

When someone lands on your site, there should be no question on what to do next. But for the path to be clear and easy, you'll need to get rid of anything that doesn't add immediate value. And when it comes to navigation, remember the three-click rule: visitors should be able to find the information they're seeking in three clicks or fewer. The more they dig, the more likely they are to leave your site.

2. Reduce Heavy Copy

No matter how valuable your product or service, no one wants to read a novel of text to learn the benefits. Large blocks of text are unappealing — especially for visitors using a mobile device. To avoid driving off leads, keep the copy on your homepage and solution pages concise.

Of course, your website content should be optimized for search, so keep it useful, easy-to-read and relevant to your customers. It's OK to have several paragraphs of text in a blog, but break up the text and make it easy to skim.

3. Use Appealing Imagery and Color

When it comes to your web design, it's important to work with a professional designer well-versed in color psychology. That is, using colors that aren't only appealing to potential customers but also more likely to drive behaviors you want.

For example, blue elicits feelings of trust and reliability while orange indicates creativity and vibrancy. And when it comes to calls-to-action, brighter colors are more likely to drive clicks than dark or muted tones.

Additionally, any graphics or imagery throughout your website should be high resolution, aesthetically pleasing and used mindfully.

Of course, a website design overhaul is an arduous undertaking. But while it often requires a significant investment of both time and money up front, the long-term ROI is astronomical. After all, having a website designed to attract and convert prospects is like having a high-powered sales team available 24/7 — and who doesn't want that?