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4 Best Practices to Turn Your Instagram Ads into Conversions

people-on-phones-instagramWith billions of people using social media, businesses are leveraging these platforms to target users and convert them into paying customers. Instagram is not only for teenagers posting selfies but also for businesses trying to reach prospects. The platform offers numerous features for businesses to reach different marketing goals:  brand awareness, improving website traffic, generating leads, and boosting sales.

Also, businesses want to take advantage of Instagram's highly engaged users. 50% of Instagram users follow one or more businesses. However, many businesses struggle with using paid Instagram ads and have problems using them effectively. This article will offer up four best practices to turn your paid Instagram ads into conversions.  

1. Correct Targeting

You can't expect to target the more than 500 million users on Instagram and increase your conversion rates. If you want to increase conversion rates, you have to target audiences that are relevant to your business and campaign goals.

Simply put: Define your audience and target them. 

2. Grab Attention and Be Visual

A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds. Regrettably, humans have an even shorter attention span--only 8 seconds. Therefore, in your Instagram paid ad, you have even less time to grab and retain your audience's attention. For you to achieve this, you must have compelling creative that stands out in the feed.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is primarily a visual platform. On Instagram anything visual – a picture, a video, or a demo does well. Whether you want your ad to showcase your products or services or communicate something unique about your brand, visuals will not disappoint. Visuals will not only capture a prospect's attention but also get them interested in your offerings and more likely to purchase. Don't forget to add a suitable description to your visual.

Simply put:  Don’t be boring. Look at your ad. Does it grab YOUR attention or the attention of the co-worker sitting next to you?  No? Then redo it.

3. Relevant Content

This may seem obvious, but many businesses struggle with it. If you're going to engage and convert your Instagram audience, you need to use the content they want to see most.

To determine the type of content your audience likes and wants to see, you have to know them well. For example, if you are a restaurant and your audience loves healthy eating, then creating paid ads around delicious and nutritious food would assure conversions. Also, you can use platforms like Quora to research the most asked questions about the subject you wish to write about. This way, you will give your audience value, and they will reciprocate in kind!

Simply put: Show the people what they want to see.

4. Showcase the Experience

Many Instagrammers are after experiences, not products. To increase conversions, try focusing your ads on experiencing the product.  It’s important that you showcase how your product, service, or business is relatable. More people are likely to make a purchase when they relate to your offerings on a personal level. 

For example, if you sell headphones, rather than your ad showing a dull picture of headphones floating on a white background, you can make it more inspirational. Maybe you can show people how they can rock the headphones during their morning jog or perhaps showcase a parent trying to tune out their screaming toddler. #personalexperience

Simply put:  Strike a balance between promotional and inspirational.

Instagram is an excellent platform for brands because it’s visually-focused by nature and is a haven for all types of businesses. Now, it's time to put these best practices into action. Get your marketing messages across to the audience that matters most to you and don't hold back.

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