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4 Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

Lead GenerationWhat business doesn't want more leads? But wanting more is the easy part. Getting leads is hard work, and acquiring high-quality leads from strong prospects is even more of a hassle. Reaching leads means finding the right place to make yourself visible and available. There are a number of ways to do this, even on a small budget, but it takes careful planning and a strong understanding of your audience.

If you're up to the task, here are four methods for capturing new leads for your business.

1. Check Out Facebook's Lead Ads

This is a slightly different take on traditional Facebook Ads, and it has major implications for anyone trying to use the social platform to generate leads. Through Lead Ads, consumers who click on a paid advertisement are presented with a contact form where their information has already been populated from their Facebook profiles. All the user needs to do is click to send the contact information, and the lead is generated from a Facebook News Feed advertisement.

On mobile devices, this takes just two taps on the screen, taking the friction out of the process and maximizing your potential leads.

2. Invest Into Paid Search

Paid search through search engines remains a fundamental lead generation strategy because search engines are still where many customer journeys begin. Identify long-tail keywords that offer both low bidding competition and high relevance to your products and services. It takes a little time and effort to identify high-value, low-competition search phrases to target, but these make a big difference for small businesses working with limited resources.

Even as you do SEO work to target these keywords organically, paid search ensures your business is at the top of search engine results - the first thing online prospects see.

3. Build Custom Landing Pages

Custom landing pages are a great tool anytime you're using paid search or display ads to refer potential leads back to your website. These landing pages have to move consumers quickly down the path to conversion while also giving them clear direction on how to take the next step.

For that reason, have a simple contact form, multiple options for contacting your company, and a great offer or call-to-action. The goal is to generate a lead, and to do that, customers should be motivated to take the first step.

4. Don't Forget to Retarget

The path to becoming a customer is rarely straightforward. As consumers do their research, they might discover your business and then move on to other options or get distracted by something else entirely. Retargeting is the easiest way to remain top-of-mind as consumers survey their options. Since this retargeting is focused on new prospects who haven't bought from your company, display ads are a common channel to run retargeting campaigns. Give yourself two to three attempts to steer back a consumer who recently visited your site but left without making contact.

Each of these tactics are proven ways to generate leads online. Once they're generated, it's up to your sales team to seal the deal.

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