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5 Go-To Marketing Resources For Smart Marketers

5 Go To Marketing Resources 10.16Don't go it alone. Today is the day you browse and bookmark a few key marketing resources to make your everyday business tasks run smoother.

Here are our top picks for staying in the loop on marketing trends, getting tips for executing your tasks and testing whether or not your efforts are successful.

Top 5 Resources for Marketers

In addition to reviewing the internet properties you manage (and your competitors!), it's a good idea to check in regularly with a few expert resources.

1. Google Trends: If you're scrambling for blog post and social media topics that tie in with current social and news topics, Google Trends offers a wealth of information. Search based on location (e.g., state and country), time of day or category to see what Googlers are looking for online both currently and historically.

2. Local Solutions ROI Calculator: Is it time to finally launch that marketing campaign or new website? As you finalize a budget, turn to the Local Solutions ROI Calculator to learn how your investment may perform. This free online tool will estimate potential revenue from conversions and potential website behavior after being optimized.

3. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: In marketing, first impressions are often made with a headline on a landing page, a white paper, a blog post or another creative asset. Are your opening words compelling? CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer helps you craft titles that improve traffic, shares and search performance by selecting the top-performing word lengths and word choices.

4. Think With Google: None of the optimization, keyword research and creative content matters if the website you're working on isn't loading efficiently. Think With Google will test the mobile responsiveness of any URL in less than a minute and tell you what percentage of viewers are bouncing because the website simply takes too long to pop up on their mobile device.

5. The Digital Marketing Institute: Skim The Insider Blog to get tips and insights on social selling, marketing industry news and digital marketing skills. This website will help you stay in the know about current topics so you have something to chat about with colleagues — and it may also spark inspiration for the direction of your next marketing project, whether it's a white paper or website copy.

Would you like to talk with someone about your current challenges and projects? Sometimes the best marketing resources are trusted professionals in the field who can personally guide you.

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