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5 Spring Marketing Ideas to Launch Your Business Forward

Spring Marketing IdeasThe arrival of spring has an obvious impact on the mental state of consumers. Sunset moves to later in the day, ice begins to melt and snow gives way to green grass and flowers. You'll see people walking down the street wearing shorts before it's warm, and sitting outside at restaurants while still wearing jackets.

Spring has an effect on people, and businesses are smart to consider spring marketing ideas that capitalize on these changing behaviors. With consumers eager to get out of winter and move on to brighter days, brands have a chance to win new business by feeding into that spring mania, giving consumers the experience they're craving. Here are five ideas to get going:

1. Host an Outdoor Sale

Sometimes, the best spring marketing ideas are the simple ones. If you're a clothing retailer, it's easy to host an outdoor sale just by pushing sales racks outside the front doors. This can be useful when your store is located in an area that has high foot traffic, but all stores can use this trick to draw in consumers who want to shop but don't want to give up time in the sunshine. Consider opening a pop-up shop or renting space at an outdoor market to move the brand into unfamiliar territory, too.

2. Get in on the Madness

Restaurants and sports bars have a natural advantage when it comes to getting in on March Madness. But other companies can try similar strategies to engage with consumers. As Five Stars suggested, companies could host an in-store tournament where consumers fill out a bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Winners could receive new products or services, depending on what you offer.

3. Examine Your Data

Putting the right foot forward as the year begins is important. You should know how your business is performing, so you can better make decisions on what needs to be done. According to Square, it's important to examine your analytics, so you can learn how your customers prefer to shop. This improves efficiency, so you can improve your bottom line.

4. Host a Social Content Contest

Mother's Day is a natural instigator for social media tributes from children to their moms. Brands have an easy way to get involved in the action. Ask your customers to share pictures and stories of their moms ahead of Mother's Day by using hashtags or other methods of tagging social content. The motivation could range from a contest or random drawing to something as simple as featuring those pictures and stories on your own social media. This not only increases brand visibility on a holiday, but it fosters a deeper relationship with those customers.

5. Spring-clean Your Inventory

A number of industries have new products and designs coming out in the spring and summer. If you need to clear out inventory, a spring cleaning is an easy way to do it. Shoppers will love the chance to get sales at deep discounts. Meanwhile, stores can take advantage of running a big sale outside of typical sales cycles.

Whatever strategy you ultimately settle on, take advantage of the improving mood of your customers and use that uplift to build a rewarding branded experience.

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