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7 Marketing Words and Phrases That Can Boost Your Sales

Marketing words and phrasesThere are certain marketing words that have the power to improve response and increase conversion rates, but there's a catch. For these words to be effective, you need to use them in the right place at the right time. Take, for instance, what the team at Zillow discovered about home sales: Listings that include the word "captivating" sell 6.5 percent above what's expected — but you wouldn't use that word to describe a fixer-upper in need of a total remodel. The same applies with all the words listed here — don't use them if you can't back them up. Here's a list of seven powerful marketing words and phrases to keep in your arsenal.

1. You

Speak to your customer directly. notes that this technique breaks down the barriers between yourself and your customers. Unless they see themselves as your target, they won't be able to imagine benefiting from your message. To build a good relationship with your audience, develop a we/you dialogue.

2. Free

People love free stuff so much that they will drastically change their plans to get anything they perceive as being given away. This principle is known as loss aversion. As the New York Times notes, humans tend to suffer losses more than they enjoy gains, so getting them to part with money is difficult. Rather than miss out on getting something for free, a consumer will likely take something that's offered, even if it's not something they would have paid for.

3. Results

For most consumers, ambiguity is the true foe. No one wants to waste time or money on something that might not work. Adding the word "results" can offset a potential customer's hesitation and encourage them to commit.

4. Act Now

As LinkedIn notes, phrases that contain the word "now" inspire urgency. By offering a customer the chance to take advantage of an offer immediately, because the opportunity will vanish otherwise, you're tapping into the scarcity principle without having to give something away for free. Hubspot reports on DaFlores, a company that delivers floral arrangements, and how they bumped their sales up 27 percent by simply adding a sense of urgency to language on their website. LinkedIn, however, warns against going overboard on the urgency—over-the-top wording like "SAVE UP TO 25% RIGHT NOW!!!" will turn customers off.

5. Instant

As we know from the infamous Marshmallow Test, where children were given the chance to get a second marshmallow if they could wait, delaying gratification is difficult. Slightly distinct from "act now," "instant" speaks to loss aversion. Offering an "instant download," or "immediate access" means your customer doesn't have to lose any time pondering next steps. There's no delayed gratification because the implied benefit will happen right away.

6. Save

When it comes to making a purchase, people want to know how much it will cost them, and how long it will take. More specifically, they want to know how they can reduce these two things, even if time and money aren't your targets' main concerns. Using the word "save" offsets these universal considerations.

7. Easy

People want to solve problems, not necessarily buy things, and they want the easiest route to achieving their goals. To boost conversion, find a way to solve your customer's problem and make it easy. Whether your product is user-friendly or you make purchasing your product a simple process, underscore how you're about to make your customer's life easier.

When it comes to boosting your sales, don't just take our word for it. Sprinkle these into your copy (where appropriate), and check out the results.

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