Audience Targeting on LinkedIn

Posted By Ginger Gatewood on December 18, 2018

Aud Targeting_LinkedinLinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with 260 million monthly active members and 8 million business pages. This is where B2B companies can shine. The network is designed specifically for business networking and is a great place to advertise business solutions, higher education and recruitment. LinkedIn reports that four out of five of its members drive business decisions.

As we continue in our Social Audience Targeting series, we're sharing the building blocks for LinkedIn social campaigns that can deliver results for your business.

What are the audience targeting capabilities?

  • General targeting: Target people based on the company they work for, the experience they have, their education, their interests and/or demographic information.
  • Website retargeting and contact retargeting: Re-engage with people who have already visited your website or use your email lists to deliver ads to your current contacts. These options are similar to custom audiences in Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
  • Account targeting: This option lets you upload a list of up to 300,000 company names. LinkedIn then cross-references the list against its system, generates an "account" list of employees that work at these businesses, and lets you target them with ads.

What ad formats are offered?

  • Sponsored Content: Promote products and services in ads across LinkedIn's desktop and mobile feeds.
  • Sponsored InMail: Deliver personalized messages to people's LinkedIn inbox.
  • Text Ads: Get your business in front of potential customers on LinkedIn's desktop pages.

If your business is in need of B2B marketing, there is no better place to start than LinkedIn. Their robust ability to target based on place of employment makes them a great fit for higher education, recruitment, and business products and services.

Come back tomorrow for a look at the audience targeting capabilities within Twitter.

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