Audience Targeting on Pinterest

Posted By Ginger Gatewood on December 20, 2018

Aud Targeting_PinterestPinterest is often overlooked as an advertising platform, but the virtual pinboard has 250 million active monthly users. It is hugely popular for people seeking inspiration for weddings, cooking, fashion, home renovation and more.

Given its widespread use in sparking creativity among users, Pinterest is perfect for promoting new brands, products and ideas.

Lifestyle brands not advertising on the platform are missing opportunities for customer acquisition.

Today we wrap up our Social Audience Targeting series looking at how to best create a social campaign within Pinterest.

What are the audience targeting capabilities?

  • General targeting: As with most social networks, you can reach people based on age, location, language, gender and device.
  • Interest targeting: Deliver ads to people based on the interests they express in interactions with content. Pinterest offers more than 400 interest segments.
  • Persona targeting: For reserve campaigns only, persona targeting has the ability to deliver ads to 40 predefined interests and four key life stages.
  • Keyword targeting: Reach people as they search for a specific idea. By targeting keywords, your pins show up contextually in search results and related pins.
  • Customer lists, visitor retargeting and engagement targeting: With these options you can reach your website visitors, app users, people who have engaged with your pins, and customer lists. This is very similar to custom audiences in Facebook and tailored audiences in Twitter.
  • Actalikes: Find more people like your best performing customers or people who are positively responding to your campaigns. You can create an "actalike" audience from engagement, visitor retargeting or customer list audiences.
  • Expanded targeting: You can targets ads to users who search related topics. It's similar to keyword targeting, except terms are selected through automation.

Which Ad Formats Are Offered?

  • Promoted pins: This is Pinterest's basic ad format and they appear like any standard pin.
  • Promoted video pins: A newer ad type on Pinterest, video pins stand out in people's feed. There are two size options — standard and max. width. Max. width stretches across people's entire feeds on mobile.
  • Promoted carousels: These ads contain multiple images that people can swipe through. This allows you to showcase or repurpose up to five images to tell a more robust story.
  • Promoted app pins: Allow people to download your app with the click of a button.

If your business focuses on home improvement, luxury automotive, retail, food or other lifestyle categories, Pinterest is a great opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience.

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