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Audience Targeting on Twitter

Aud Targeting_TwitterTwitter has 328 million monthly active users with over 500 million tweets sent each day. It offers a plethora of targeting options that are similar to Facebook's ad platform, but also has the ability to do keyword, event, and TV targeting. In today's Audience Targeting Social series, we're looking at how to capitalize on the enormous activity to capture ROI.


What are the audience targeting capabilities?

  • General Targeting: Reach people based on gender, age, location, language, device, etc.
  • Behavior and Interest Targeting: Deliver ads to people using third-party behavioral data including spending habits both on and offline. Additionally, target people interested in certain topics based on who they follow, what they retweet, click on, tweet, etc.
  • Keyword Targeting: Reach people based on keywords in their search queries, recent tweets, and tweets they recently engaged with.
  • Event Targeting: Deliver ads based on who's actively participating in an event and following along for updates.
  • Movies and TV Show Targeting: Promote ads to people engaged with specific TV shows, movies, television networks or by genre.
  • Conversation topic targeting: Target people who tweet about or engage with specific conversation topics.
  • Follower Targeting: Reach people based on who they follow. You can use this to target the usernames of businesses who offer similar products and services or of individuals who are influential in your industry. Additionally, you can also target people who are similar to the people who already follow you.
  • Tailored Audiences: Similar to Facebook's custom audiences, Twitter's tailored audiences let you re-engage people by either uploading a list of email addresses or Twitter usernames, or by targeting people who engaged with your website or mobile app.

Which ad formats are offered?

  • Awareness: Get additional reach for your tweets.
  • Tweet engagements: Gain more retweets, likes and replies for your tweets.
  • Followers: Promote your account and grow your Twitter following.
  • Website clicks: Promote your website and get more traffic.
  • App installs: Promote your mobile app and get more downloads.

While Twitter doesn't have nearly as many users as Facebook's platforms, Twitter offers some unique targeting options that you won't find anywhere else. If your business is looking to reach influencers or tap into real time conversations, Twitter is a great option.

Tomorrow, we'll wrap up our Social Audience Targeting series on the often-overlooked social channel, Pinterest. Lifestyle brands won't want to miss this.

Did you miss yesterday's look at LinkedIn?

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