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Back-to-School Marketing Ideas for 2016

Back-to-school marketing ideasIt's time to start thinking about back-to-school marketing ideas. Retailing Today cited a report that 62 percent of households plan to reduce back-to-school spending this year. So, with these expected cutbacks, how can you get a jump on your competitors to make sure you're ready when parents and students get ready for the first day of school? Here's some ideas.

Kids Love Facebook

Kids influence purchase decisions, so if you want to create a buzz among young people, target students using social media and promote your products where they hang out. According to a report from Common Sense Media, 45 percent of teens and tweens use social media every day. Think about incorporating your products into a Facebook game with a sponsored link.

Moms Love Pinterest

Last summer's Pew Center report showed that 40 percent of moms are on Pinterest. Adweek recommends pinning the helpful content they're looking for. Whether it's a checklist, lunch recipes or fashion advice, there is a place for your brand (look how many categories come up when you search "back-to-school" on Pinterest).

Everybody Loves Selfies

An Instagram campaign can help get the word out about your brand. You could have shoppers take pictures of their best back-to-school shopping smiles (or frowns), then use a special hashtag. Marketing Land tells the story of snack brand KIND's back-to-school campaign, which engaged the whole family by inviting consumers to share their most memorable summer moments.

Special Offers

Offer early-bird specials on school supplies, or introduce a points plan. Punch cards have long been used by yoga studios and trendy coffee shops, so why not implement these with your digital marketing campaign — especially if you have a local storefront?


If you are a local business, you could engage with a local celebrity or micro-influencer to gain a leg up on your competition. The micro-influencer has considerable impact on swaying consumer behavior. MediaPost reports on a Wharton School study that found 82 percent of shoppers are "highly likely" to follow a recommendation made by an influencer.

Partner With Your Community

Take a look around your local area and see who could be a good strategic partner. Maybe you could partner with the local YMCA to reach summer camp attendees & their parents with an emailed coupon. Or what about a joint Facebook promotion with the local family pizza shop, offering a discount for shoppers who have dined at their restaurant? Think outside the box when it comes to places to reach your target audience.

There are all sorts of wonderful ways to offer coupons, discounts and prizes for user engagement. Discounts will appeal to parents, and exposure and prizes to youngsters. The key to engaging customers with your back-to-school marketing ideas is encouraging engagement and promoting special offers. Use your digital presence to find them were they are, and make engaging with you fun and rewarding.

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