Brand Safety Solutions for Digital Advertisers

Posted By Pete Stafford on July 07, 2016

Brand safety solutionsDigital advertising changes, but concerns around brand safety remain at the top of ad buyers' minds. According to eMarketer, 26 percent of brands purchasing digital ad space cited brand safety as their top concern when choosing where and how to advertise, underscoring the need to provide assurances to those consumers.

Those companies are fortunate that brand safety solutions on digital ad exchanges make it possible to avoid much of the online advertising space that might be a poor fit for their campaign. But don't take an ad network's word for it — every company should know what features can ensure brand safety and protect ad content from potentially damaging associations.

Addressing Brand Safety Concerns

First and foremost, brands can protect themselves by considering the agency through which they purchase digital ads. Transparency is key: A good partner will gladly share the measures they have in place to assure brand safety and elevate the quality of their customer experience.

It's also smart to consult with organizations that specialize in brand safety measurement and protection. These are often technology companies which are independent from ad networks and media buyers that can provide tips and guidance on identifying strong advertising partners and reducing risk.

Targeting Premium Local Media Sites

Premium ad space is quickly becoming more available at the local level, and it's opening up new ad options for brands targeting a local audience. As Local Media Insider notes, premium local space is sold a bit differently than other ads. It's frequently measured according to days, not page views, and it's usually larger and more interactive than standard ad space.

The benefit to brand safety is that you know exactly what you're getting: You're reaching a local audience through a reputable website where reputation concerns are slim to none. Premium ad spaces like these aren't cheap, but they typically deliver a strong ROI without any risk of brand damage.

Audience Extension Ad Verification Technology

Audience extension has gained steam as a powerful digital ad solution that can extend a publisher's network of advertising without compromising the quality of the product. But brand safety remains a concern. After all, purchasing space through ad extension adds another degree where something can go wrong.

The good news is professional digital marketing partners can eliminate most concerns by ensuring the ads are only delivered to brand-safe sites. Good audience extension technology guarantees the content and safety is consistent from the initial ad partner to its extended audience network. By using this technology, advertisers can access a larger network of ad space that satisfies their concerns about brand safety while still reaching a highly relevant group of consumers.

A good digital ad network or marketing partner will be able to provide brand safety solutions that mitigate the risk of potential reputation damage. Make sure you take advantage of these technologies to keep your brand image safe and sound.