Business Spotlight: Fence Outlet

Posted By Andy Lee on February 24, 2020

Fence Outlet is a Florida-based company that sells fencing materials and accessories to residential and commercial customers throughout the state. They create installation kits for DIY consumers and offer installation services in service areas near their multiple locations. The company has utilized Cox Media Group Local Solutions services to create streamlined cross-channel advertising campaigns to reach a diverse range of audiences. They have experienced significant year-over-year growth with CMG over the past three and a half years, transforming their company from a $16 million threshold to over $50 million through tailored advertising.

Their marketing strategy relies on a nuanced analysis of what different consumer types need across varied geographic regions and seasonal demands in Florida. Read more about Local Solutions' strategies and how we helped Fence Outlet develop advertising strategies with highly personalized reporting, customer service, and planned campaigns.

Comprehensive Reporting

Fence Outlet uses detailed breakdowns to understand consumer buying behaviors in Orlando, Tampa, and other geographic regions in Florida. CMG provides our clients with our Elite Attribution dashboard, which gives clients greater and more granular insights. This dashboard allows businesses to track lead attribution, PPC campaigns, SEO, SEM, and Facebook visitors. This deep level of insight gives companies the insight they need to know what drives customers to make purchasing decisions, peak sales times for different customer personas, and which campaigns create the highest ROI.

Deep reporting is essential for any company with multiple locations. Genericized campaigns based on state-wide or company-wide metrics can create dissonance between the company's message and customers with particular needs. Local businesses need local solutions to understand how to serve specific groups of customers best.

Dedicated Account Managers

Just like good customer service is at the heart of every consumer business, good customer service is an integral part of Local Solutions' business model. Fence Outlet partnered Account Manager Andy Lee and Paid Search Analyst Matt Santamarina, to create detailed advertising plans and make expert Google SEO and SEM decisions. Our team is dedicated to responsive communication and can help answer questions and offer frequent recommendations to generate company growth.

Planned Media Campaigns for Cross-Channel Marketing

Fence Outlet reaches its customers through a combination of digital, TV, and radio advertising campaigns to reach its core audiences. Because of the company's extensive inventory and product options, it needed campaigns that put the right products in front of customers at the right time. With variables such as materials, DIY and installation service options, and more, each advertisement needed to be just right. Local Solutions offers in-depth digital advertising services that use data to find the right keywords and marketing strategies.

CMG Local Solutions is a comprehensive advertising management company that handles data, reporting, and advertising campaigns in-house. Because our teams both analyze the data and recommend advertising strategies ranging from PPC to radio + TV ads, there's less disconnect. Using separate services can lead to gaps in information, overlapping services, and advertisements that don't tailor directly to a company's core consumers. Fence Outlet was able to generate more leads and convert them to customers through crystal clear messaging tailored directly to the consumers represented through the reporting tools.

The Results

Before partnering with CMG Local Solutions, Fence Outlet had an annual revenue of $16 million. Within a year of using our reporting and planned media campaign services, that revenue rose to $26 million. Just two years later, Fence Outlet was reaching more customers with greater connection and success than ever before, with an annual revenue of $50 million. We're proud to partner with a company that has an extensive range of products and services to serve a diverse geographic audience for over 25 years.

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