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Content Marketing for Recruitment

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In 2019, most businesses are use some form of content marketing to attract and maintain customers. However, with unemployment at record lows and employers needing to target passive job seekers to fill roles, content marketing is playing in a whole new arena: Recruitment.

More Than Just a Job

Whether someone is actively seeking a new job or simply open to change, people want to know much more about a potential future employer than just what is in the job posting. They want to know what the company stands for and what role they can play in that success. They're envisioning a potential futures for themselves, and looking for a company that aligns with their values. According to CNBC, 86 percent of millennials would consider taking a pay cut to work for a company that shares their values.

Your Job Listings Should Connect with the Right Candidates

Here's where content marketing comes into play. When trying to attract top talent your job listings should link to a blog post or video that features current employees discussing what it's like to work for your company and the ways they have been successful. A simple measure like this can go a long way toward helping potential applicants consider your company. It's an effective way to connect with future employees and make a strong first impression.

What Will They Find?

Before a well-qualified candidate shows up for that first interview, they'll likely conduct research in preparation. They will look for information on your business and it is incumbent on you to own your brand. Making sure that you are seen as an industry leader with essential information detailing where you have been, where you are and most importantly where you are going. If you aren't reinforcing the positives or countering the negatives that candidates can find on company review sites (Glass Door, Great Place To Work, etc) you may lose your best potential employees before they even apply.

Showcase Company Culture

No workplace is perfect, but when potential employees research new opportunities, they want a workplace with a positive culture that encourages new ideas and upward mobility. This is another place where content marketing for recruitment is useful. Testimonials from current employees, "day in the life" videos, and photos of special company events can showcase your company's unique atmosphere. The key here is to be genuine. You want people where there is a mutual fit and this can be that first step.

That's Where I Work!

Another great benefit to well-rounded content marketing recruitment strategy is the impact on your current employees. Their involvement in describing the culture, their exposure to the highlights you are displaying around impacts the company is making on the community etc are great ways to create a greater connection with your existing staff. An engaged staff often become your best recruiters.

The Right Content to the Right Audience

The next step is distribution. Now that you have this great content you can target the right audiences to educate them, create engagement, and ultimately fill your talent pool with the best possible candidates. Today's recruitment landscape is filled with amazingly robust data (ie facebook and LinkedIn) allowing you to target the best passive candidates leveraging what makes you an employer of choice.

Content marketing has long been a powerful tool to brand and drive leads. It has evolved into an excellent way to attract and maintain top talent in your business.

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