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The Status of Digital Marketing 2019

digital-marketing-conceptDespite some potential warning signs that point to a global economic slowdown, a recession is not that worrisome to most advertisers. According to eMarketer, ad spending continues to increase worldwide, and digital marketing is heading the parade. During 2019, global digital ad investment will reach a 17.6 percent mark of $333.25 billion. For the first time, digital advertising will make up approximately one-half of the world's ad market. In the US, digital ads will account for 54.2 percent of total ad revenue.

Podcast Interview

Recently, Jesse McCambridge, Director of Digital Revenue and Sales Strategy at Cox Media Group, was interviewed on Gordon Borrell's podcast series "Borrell's Local Marketing Trends." Gordon Borrell and Corey Elliot spoke with McCambridge concerning digital sales, addressable digital advertising, and the awakening of radio to the Internet. In about four years, eMarketer has predicted that digital spending will represent as much as two-thirds of all advertising dollars.

Since customer experience is a priority, brands are trying to learn how to reach consumers at all different touchpoints within the total marketing ecosystem. One of the best ways to increase customer interest is by delivering consistent messages on multiple channels.

Currently, Cox Media has 20 media markets, 61 radio markets, and 14 television stations. Check out the full podcast interview here.

How Cox Media Group Can Help Your Business?

  1. One thing that we have discovered here at CMG is that a consistent message delivered on multiple channels may improve customer purchase intent by 90 percent.
  2. CMG has extensive social media data that can assist you in zeroing in on your audience. And, social media happens to be the #1 online activity for users. CMG is a Certified Facebook Marketing Partner.
  3. Mobile is critical for businesses and organizations in today's world. Your message must be compatible with mobile in every way. Advertising must also be customized to work with a mobile device's behaviors. Consumers in the US spend more than 3-hours and 40 minutes on mobile every day.
  4. Native content, also known as "promoted stories," or "recommended content," matches the form of the platform on which it lands. The ad's design allows the product and the content merge. These types of ads are less disruptive and more engaging and educational. We have found that native ads generate 82 percent of brand lift among the viewers who interact with them.
  5. And, yes, email marketing is still alive, and well, and making a difference in digital marketing. CMG has 95 million (you read that correctly) email addresses to assist you in finding your ideal customers. We can use our database to connect to prospective clients in numerous categories. This kind of information can also build your local reach.

The More You Know

McCambridge shared, during his interview, that the team of digital experts' characteristics at CMG include dedication, being tremendous assets, and proving themselves as "best-in-class" in the solution-making realm. They walk with you through a customized plan that will deliver real business results.

The process used by CMG teams is to, first, get to know you and your brand. We want to tell the story of your product. We know that it is also vital to know the steps that get your campaign launched. We also want to ensure the project is getting the results you want for your business by way of our transparent analytics attribution. Take a look at one of many of Cox Media Group's successful campaigns.

Cox Media Group

Cox Branded Solutions connect businesses and customers. Contact us and be a part of what Jesse McCambridge called some "great digital growth numbers."

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