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Broaden Your Digital Strategy with Local Solutions

Local-Solutions-TeamTake a moment to think about all of the digital spaces where customers exist. There's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google, Eventbrite, Zomato — the list goes on and on. As a business, creating unique profiles with updated pictures, hours, and locations across all of these platforms can be headache-inducing (if not impossible).

So, how do you stay relevant in a market saturated in digital platforms? Great question! Let's talk about how your brand can stay relevant in the digital tsunami.

Is Your Business Really Visible?

That's the million-dollar question. You may have a killer SEO strategy, great creatives, and an active social account. But, what happens when a user on that "app you've never heard of" searches for your business?

Are you there? Can they find consistent, up-to-date information about your business that directs them into your sales funnel? Or, do you simply exist on "some" platforms?

Chances are, you fall into the latter category. After all, who has time to create and update thousands of user accounts? Wait! Why is staying relevant on all of these different digital spaces important in the first place?

2.1 Million Counting

That's how many apps there are on the Play Store. And, Wikipedia has over 100 social sites on their list of noteworthy social websites. Combine that with the plethora of review websites and local listings (e.g., Google Snack Pack, Yellow Pages, etc.), and you're looking at a mountain of directories.

You want to be in all of these. And, you want to be relevant in all of them with up-to-date information and your latest set of photos. Doing this manually is nearly impossible. But, despite that, your customers expect it!


That's the amount of high-intent traffic that is happening outside of your website! Think your users are looking for your website? Think again! All of those apps, social platforms, and review websites are loaded with high-intent business searches.

These are the types of searches that can result in conversions. And, they're happening outside of your established funnel.

Over Half

That's how many of your customers think that finding solutions rapidly is a key component of their shopping experience. You want to be everywhere at once. If they want to see you on Facebook, you should be there. If they're looking on TripAdvisor, you should be there too!


This is the number of your prospects who will get frustrated when they can't find your business in the place they're looking. Think about that! 74% of your potential (or current) customers are going to generate a negative emotion if they search for your business on their favorite platform, and you're not there.

Walker predicts that branding will overtake price and product as the key differentiator by next year. If 3/4ths of your potential customers have the potential to feel negatively towards your brand simply due to visibility, you can risk damaging your brand identity simply by not being present where customers are at.

How Cox Media Group Local Solutions Can Help

Do you want to stay relevant in the digital-first economy? Are you trying to find a way to sync your business listings across all of these applications and local directories? Don't worry! We've got your back!

Ready to see how you can take control of your business's directory listings? Check out our free white paper where we dive deep into the ways that we can help you breed better business practices and stay in front of your customers no matter where they are.

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