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Fall Advertising Ideas to Jump Start Sales

Fall advertising ideasAs the leaves and temperatures fall, the busiest season of the year heats up. That means now is the time to start planning your fall advertising. Being proactive with your holiday marketing plan will provide you with a leg up on the competition. It may even allow you some time to enjoy the holiday season yourself instead of scrambling last minute! Get ready to start planning with some of these ideas.

Deck The Handles

A low-cost way to spread holiday cheer is to hire a graphic designer to give your media images a seasonal feel. A holiday-inspired logo or cover is affordable and reusable. Using the same images across different platforms will help establish brand consistency through your website and social media accounts, too. Continuity is especially important if you conduct transactions online. A simple holiday wreath or strand of lights used across all marketing channels can instantly make your message pop. Take it a step further by creating images to coordinate with each holiday starting with leaves in September.

Don't Focus On The Biggest Holiday

If turkeys and trees aren't your thing, consider tricks and treats. Many companies send holiday greeting cards. If you do, take advantage of the fact that October is the start of the holiday marketing season. A Halloween card might help you stand out from the crowd. Or think about the whole season. Fall is also known for football, hay rides, outdoor festivals and pumpkin patches. Consider hosting your own festibal or event to meet potential customers in a fun and exciting atmosphere. You can promote your event on social media to ensure a good turnout. Social campaigns are cost efficient and effective. Plan early, though, as it may be hard to get on busy customers' calendars once November rolls around.

Create Google Shopping Ads

If you've searched for a product online, you've probably seen Google's Shopping Ads. They show up in a box in the right corner space after you hit "search." They provide everything your customer needs to know in order to make a quick purchase. Five out of six consumers report making impulse purchases, according to, so it's an effective way to drive business. You do show up alongside other retailers, but the power of the impulse buy is strong.

Personalize It!

Do you remember Coca-Cola's personalized bottles? There's no reason you can't get in on the success of this idea. Whether you create name placards for reserved tables at your restaurant ("Smith Party") or insert personalized cards into gift-wrapped packages, you're telling your customers they're important and valued. That's good business year-round, but can be highlighted as a holiday bonus for time-crunched shoppers this fall.

Tell A Story

Stories create an emotional appeal. Apple has turned this into sales with ads featuring gatherings and holidays that are captured and remembered forever with your phone, according to 9to5Mac. Your company has a story, too. The better you know your customers, the more effectively you'll be able to connect with them through storytelling. If your audience is stressed shoppers, position your message in a way that tells the story of how your product or service can relieve their stress. Perhaps this means creating something that's delivered right to their door. A carefully crafted message can begin with a frazzled consumer easily purchasing your product or service and end with convenient delivery. Your story can be told this way to emphasize how you positively affect and convenience your customer. In your ads, focus on the stress you relieve.

No matter which ideas you try, knowing your customer (and showing off that knowledge) goes a long way toward making your fall advertising a success.

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