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Get Noticed With Digital Display and Radio

Get noticed with radio and displayAre you trying to attract attention to your business? Though you might not immediately think that radio can augment a digital display-focused campaign, nothing could be further from the truth. You can bring your display and video marketing campaigns to the next level by using radio ads to create urgency and demand attention from consumers.

The "Window Shopping" Problem

Imagine that you own a car dealership. You promote your dealership through various active digital advertising campaigns that showcases new and used vehicles for sale. Your Web statistics look quite healthy, but your sales are not backing up your marketing efforts. How is this possible?

According to Adweek SocialTimes, more than 80 percent of consumers research brands and products online before they make a purchase. During this process, consumers are likely comparing your products and prices to those offered by your competitors. Especially in the case of buying a new car, consumers are definitely shopping around. Though some consumers will eventually make a purchase, the vast majority are doing the online equivalent of "window shopping" and aren't looking to take any immediate action. But, thankfully, you can use radio advertising to change this consumer behavior.

Using Radio Advertising to Turn Research into Action

Consider again the example of the car dealership. Imagine that you have created digital display ads for a Fourth of July sale that include images of cars and examples of special financing deals. Though these ads can help pique interest, they may not hold a customer's attention. Consumers may continue their research in an effort to weigh their options and get more information on the specific model they were originally hoping to find. And by the time these customers are done with their research, they might only have a vague recollection of your campaign.

However, you can use radio to create a complementary message that recalls the original ads (perhaps by including some of the original deals and models mentioned) but also encourages urgency. Radio can remind them that they have to act now in order to take advantage of these deals. You'll be reminding consumers who have already seen the ad online of their initial interest in the sale. Since these informed consumers have already done the research and seen the ad, they will already feel knowledgeable about your car dealership and will be more confident in making the decision to attend your Fourth of July sale.

Though radio ads and digital ads can both be effective tools when used on their own, you can bring your marketing plan to the next level by combining the informational power of the Web with the urgency that radio ads inherantly possess.

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