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Hidden Marketing Analytics Tools You Might Be Missing

AnalyticsThough the vast majority of marketers are comfortable with making decisions based on broad analytics, such as cost per click, click-through rate and cost per acquisition, most marketing campaigns are more than just these numbers. To analyze digital marketing data from all angles, marketers need to take a deep dive into their campaigns using lesser-known marketing metrics and analytics tools. This could uncover hidden connections and information that further boosts business. Remember, it's important to investigate all channels and metrics of a campaign for determining the best suitable optimizations. Below are just a few metrics and tools that can lend more insight into your overall campaign activity.

Specific Social Media Referrals

According to an eMarketer study reported by MarketingLand, though Facebook is still leading the social media pack in 2017 and is predicted to continue to grow over the next few years, it's important to take a complete look at your social media referrals.

Even though links through Twitter declined, newer social media outlets, such as Instagram and Snapchat, grew in recent years, TechCrunch reported. It's important to know exactly where your referrals are coming from, so you don't miss an opportunity to invest in a growing network that'll bring more traffic per dollar spent than Facebook. Remember, referral traffic details can be found in Google Analytics, under the Acquisition section. You can use this data for more intel on what sites or channels are driving traffic to the client's site.

Mobile Video Statistics

It's no secret that digital video is growing, especially on mobile. According to a benchmark report released by Adobe Digital, the smartphone share of overall digital video increased 33 percent in 2016 and could continue an upward trend in the coming years.

As video becomes more important to the mobile market, it would serve businesses that produce digital video to know what viewership video content receives — and on what platforms — so they can optimize media strategies.

Behavior Trends

Behavior trends can be tricky to nail down, even for seasoned marketing professionals. Google Analytics provides a wealth of marketing analytics tools, and it's easy to be overwhelmed by the process. However, if you're working with a digital marketing partner, they can help navigate through the various modules of Google Analytics in a way that'll facilitate measuring trends in behavior and zeroing in on where the biggest growth opportunities lie.

Diving deep into analytics and statistics may sound like a daunting affair, but with a little work — and potentially a partner, as well — you can uncover new opportunities to grow your business.

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