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How Can Search Retargeting Help Your Business?

Search retargetingEven if you're familiar with the general concept of retargeting, you may wonder what search retargeting is, specifically. According to Econsultancy, search retargeting is different from site retargeting as it allows marketers to serve display ads to consumers who recently searched for specific keywords related to their business.

For instance, if a marketer aims to boost a locally owned hotel in Atlanta, they could use searches for "cheap hotel in Atlanta," "travel to Atlanta" and "flights to Atlanta" to serve ads to those potentially considering a trip to the area.

Although the concept behind search retargeting is simple, this marketing tool is far more valuable than you may initially expect.

Reaching a Larger Audience With a Variety of Keywords

While traditional pixel-based site retargeting allows marketers to encourage repeat visits from consumers who already visited their website, search retargeting lets small and midsize businesses send their message further to reach consumers who may not know the business.

Consider the hotel example again: While consumers may know to search for a Holiday Inn or Hilton Hotel in Atlanta, they might not know about locally owned hotel options, which is where a search retargeting campaign can come in handy.

By casting a wide net and using search retargeting with a broad keyword set, marketers can help their businesses get noticed by a large number and variety of consumers.

Understanding Search Retargeting and Purchase Intent

While each consumer's journey to conversion is slightly different, searching typically precedes purchase, which makes search retargeting an effective way of identifying and addressing high-value consumers before they make a decision.

Occasionally site retargeting might target some consumers at the wrong time, such as those who already made a purchase or went with a competitor. Search retargeting runs more efficiently than other forms of retargeting by allowing marketers to reach the consumers most likely to respond to a specific business, saving capital in the long run.

So, what is search retargeting and why could it be important for your business? It's a relatively new marketing tool you should consider adding to your arsenal and search strategy, so you can cast a wide, effective net to pull in consumers with a high likelihood of conversion.

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