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How Digital Video Marketing Drives Engagement and Conversions

videomarketinginternetwo_176264Static websites are becoming more and more a thing of the past, as today's consumers are increasingly drawn to media-rich content. Though these types of features may have previously been too expensive for small- to midsized businesses with limited resources, this is no longer the case, as multimedia content has become more and more accessible.

Your organization can use digital video marketing to communicate with consumers and extend the time they spend on your website. This channel creates a platform through which you can draw and hold consumers' attention while increasing their interest in your products or services.

The purchasing journey can be long and winding. And, too often, consumers are asked to traverse the distance between interest and conversion on their own. By incorporating video throughout your entire website, you can provide consumers with a helpful guide for making their way through the purchasing channel. As such, these tools will help customers have a better, more streamlined experience.

Using Diverse Video Content to Broaden Customer Engagement

As Marketing Land points out, your digital video marketing content shouldn't just consist of your CEO talking to consumers about your offerings and the company as a whole. Instead, you should deploy a variety of different types of content in an effort to appeal to different consumer interests and needs.

For instance, you might want to consider incorporating how-to content, which can provide a simple breakdown of a consumer's buying options. In an effort to provide potential customers with information about your company or business, you could also include interviews with staff members or industry leaders. In addition, you could supplement a frequently asked questions page with instructional content and FAQ videos. Because this type of content focuses on helping customers overcome common problems that they face, these videos can be particularly engaging for your audience.

You should also keep in mind that you can incorporate videos that were not specifically made for the purpose of being put on your website. As Marketing Land points out, your videos can be repurposed or repackaged from other materials that you own. For instance, you could include past webinars. By making this effort to reuse relevant video content, you can save money on your video marketing campaign.

Providing a More Informative Experience

Another reason you should use video throughout your site is that some consumers are visual learners and thinkers. As such, you will be able to communicate more effectively with these consumers through infographics and multimedia content. Furthermore, these customers will be more likely to retain information acquired visually than that delivered via text, which makes it more likely that they will remember facts about your organization and your services if you provide it to them via video. By offering written content as well as videos, you can give your customers the opportunity to select which type of information delivery system works best for them.

By taking advantage of all that digital video marketing has to offer, you can provide customers with an interactive presence that will guide them as they explore your offerings and consider making a purchase. In this way, the video platform can serve as a digital equivalent to shopping right alongside them. By providing your audience with these tools to streamline their purchase journey, you can boost engagement and conversions.

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