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How Facebook Custom Audience Targeting Is Changing the Game

Facebook custom audience targetingFacebook has become a massive part the digital marketing landscape in recent years, thanks largely to its programmatic interface, high level of scalability and, perhaps most importantly, its cost-effectiveness. Though this platform is already performing well for digital marketing professionals, Facebook has recently added an exciting new option to its Custom Audiences targeting tool. Marketing Land reports that Facebook Custom Audience targeting is now allowing marketers to hone in on their targets more effectively by serving ads to consumers who have spent a certain amount of time on a page, opened an app a specific amount of times or made in-app purchases. This is a huge development that allows marketers to really take their campaigns to the next level.

Making Your Ad Spend More Efficient

Retargeting, which serves ads to consumers who've spent time on your site, is one of the best ways to turn browsing sessions into conversions — and now, the technology allows you to factor in behavior like repeat visits and bounces. Before, if a consumer accidentally clicked on your brand's shoe ad, then immediately clicked out, you couldn't filter out the users that bounced. You might then waste valuable budget and time trying to reach this consumer with a targeted ad — with little to no chance of conversion. You can instead target and devote more resources to customers who are spending the most time on your site because they may be closer to making a purchase. This new option on Facebook therefore not only improves lead quality, but also saves you money in the process.

App Matters

Although the ability to filter for time on page is great, perhaps the most exciting part of this new technology is the potential to harness app-related data to build highly targeted mobile campaigns. Using Facebook Custom Audience targeting, you can now find out how much time consumers are spending in an app, what they're doing there and what in-app purchases they have (or haven't) made. So, if for instance, your shoe company has a retail app that allows consumers to customize and purchase shoes, you could serve ads based on what an individual user was browsing for or what they've purchased in the past. This feature may also be useful for those marketing nonretail apps. If you're looking to increase in-app purchases in your mobile game, for example, you could serve ads for a new expansion to frequent players who have not yet purchased it.

In the past several years, Facebook has really come into its own as a preferred platform for marketers — and its latest Custom Audience upgrade makes it even more desirable for campaigns with specific targeting goals.

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