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How Facebook Retargeting Can Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

Facebook retargetingIn today's world of content overload, it can be next to impossible to get the instant click and conversion that nearly all Facebook ad campaigns strive to achieve. Though a consumer may click on an ad, and maybe even read a little of your sales pitch, it's easy for them (especially on mobile platforms) to be distracted by an incoming text, social media notification or even real life. When distraction occurs, and the initial momentum generated by that original ad is gone, you're back at square one. However, Facebook retargeting can help recapture those lost conversions.

How Facebook Retargeting Works

As you might already know, the basis of retargeting involves a cookie-based technology (often called a pixel) that tracks users' Web movements and then serves them ads based on their history. For instance, a shopper looking at a designer purse on eBay who doesn't elect to bid or "Buy It Now" may see an ad featuring the same purse with a link back to eBay as she's browsing other sites around the Web. However, Facebook retargeting is a little different, as it presents retargeted ads not only in the right-column ad space (on desktop), but also as "sponsored posts" right in the user's news feed. The user must actively scroll past them, making it harder for consumers (especially those used to glazing past banner ads) to miss.

The Power of Facebook Exchange

Facebook is also an easy choice if you're looking to get started with retargeting, as the programmatic Facebook Exchange retargeting platform has a proven track record. This platform is very powerful and allows you to create digital pixels, define audience parameters and set budgets and ad spend limits.

According to Adroll data reported on by Social Media Examiner, having Facebook retargeting in your ad arsenal lowers your cost per click by 26 percent.

Though retargeting may be a newer form of online marketing, it is one that you can't afford to ignore. Being able to remind users of products or services they've already expressed an interest in is a great way to increase conversions and make your ads work harder for you.

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