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How Integrated Marketing Campaigns Can Boost Traditional Advertising

Integrated marketing campaignsIntegrated marketing campaigns that combine traditional advertising methods like print and TV with online advertising outlets like social networking websites have become increasingly popular in recent years, reaching today's connected consumers in more ways than ever. If a marketing campaign in today's world is truly going to be successful, it will need to reach out to consumers in many different ways, including print, TV and online to be successful. Integrated marketing campaigns can be of different sizes and scopes, but there are two big advantages these types of marketing campaigns have over traditional or digital-only advertising.

Reaching Consumers Through Multiple Channels

According to Forbes, traditional ads (like those you would hear on the radio or see on TV) are fairly effective among younger demographics, which might sound a little surprising, especially as consumers are more connected to the Web than ever. How is this possible? Well, it has a lot to do with reaching consumers through multiple channels. This is where the power of integrated marketing campaigns come in. By running a campaign that features traditional advertising elements and is augmented by digital elements (a strong website, active social networking accounts, etc.), you can reach consumers on multiple channels and allow them to interact with your brand on a more personal level, right from their smartphones.

For example, if your business is selling premium coffee and you have a new seasonal flavor you're trying to promote, ensuring that your website has more information on this product, including nutrition and allergy information, locations where the new flavor is being offered, etc., is a great way to provide more information to those who may have seen a print ad about the new flavor earlier in the day and wanted to do a little bit of independent research. Also, updating your social networking profiles with information about this new product is a vital step toward ensuring that your digital and traditional marketing campaigns are working together, because many consumers seek out social channels first before looking to other resources online.

Encouraging Consumer Action

In addition to reaching consumers with more information through multiple channels, a great integrated marketing plan that supplements a traditional advertising campaign with digital elements also encourages consumer action. Digital marketing can be used to go more in depth than traditional ads by pointing out advantages over competitors and offering simple one-click calls-to-action (for example, "click here to find the location nearest you!") that are not present in traditional ads. Traditional ads can draw attention to an online component where users can find more information. In this way, traditional and digital components of your campaign complement one another and ultimately increase conversions.

The hallmark of a great integrated marketing campaign is that it is greater than the sum of its parts. While TV or print ads might catch a consumer's eye, and a digital component will satisfy their need for more information, a truly successful integrated marketing campaign will use the strengths of both of these types of campaigns to create a holistic effort that reaches more consumers and increases the rate of conversion. Making sure to work with partners who understand what components an integrated marketing campaign needs to truly reach consumers (especially those in targeted demographics) is essential for success.

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