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How Multichannel Campaigns Raise Purchase Intent

Multichannel MarketingIn today's digitally-focused world, it's tempting to devote the whole marketing budget to online campaigns in an effort to capture the attention of today's always-connected consumer. However, a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) showed that such an approach might not be wise, as multichannel campaigns can improve purchase intent by 90 percent and brand perception by 68 percent.

Combine Channels

The study explained that the combination of mobile in-app, TV and print ads emerged as the most potent combination of multichannel advertising, building both familiarity and favorability of participating businesses. However, there are various permutations of this combination that can work well. One key takeaway was that adding television ads to any kind of digital campaign — desktop, mobile, in-app, etc. — automatically increased brand awareness, familiarity and favorability by double digits, making TV a natural addition for those who want to augment their digital campaigns.

Create Consistency

While your business may offer multiple products or services, a consistent message is one that's well-remembered. It's why McDonald's uses the color red primarily in its advertising and places like Ace Hardware use easy-to-remember catchphrases like "The Helpful Place" across all channels.

While small and midsize businesses may not be able to afford the reach of these massive companies, you should promote a single product or service via several channels using similar language and color schemes. For instance, if you're promoting a smoothie shop, use bright, summery colors to promote a new tropical pineapple beverage online and in print. Use a single slogan or call to action to make a consistent message across channels that raise consumer purchase intent.

Change Strategy

While data clearly backs up the importance of multichannel campaigns, a report from Adobe noted that while almost 30 percent of all marketers ran campaigns across multiple channels in 2015, only 14 percent have a plan for campaigns that offer consistent messaging across all channels. While this number may be disheartening at first, it's never too late for marketers to change their strategy. Take the time to devise a multichannel strategy that includes multiple media types, as it will boost your business in the long run.

The benefits of multichannel marketing are well-known. Though marketers haven't historically invested much time or capital in creating these types of campaigns, 2017 may be a perfect time to start, so consider the options available.

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