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How Purchase Intent Benefits From Integrated Marketing

Integrated MediaWhile some marketers are very focused on conversion rates as the ultimate measure of success for a given campaign, there's something else worth keeping an eye on: purchase intent. This predictive statistic helps give marketers a sense of how effective their marketing message is and can help them identify not just if a message is being received, but how it's being received as well. For instance, high reach might show that consumers are seeing your ads, but if purchase probability is low, consumers are simply scrolling past your campaign. However, if you find yourself in a situation where purchase intent is high while other statistics remain low, you can use the power of integrated marketing to help close the gap between your metrics. Here's how:

A Consistent Social Message

In today's fragmented social media landscape, advertisers have more options than ever. However, it's vital to have an integrated message across all networks. If you decide to advertise on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, using similarly formatted ads across all services ensures that the first impressions potential customers have across multiple services are consistent, which will help customers become familiar with your brand quicker than a non-integrated approach.

Although you might think this is common sense, a report from Adobe noted that while almost 30 percent of all marketers ran campaigns across multiple channels in 2015, only 14 percent had a plan for campaigns that offered consistent messaging. This is quite the surprising statistic, especially as a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) showed how important an integrated and consistent message can be, especially in the beginning phases when customers are just learning about your brand.

Turning Browsers Into Buyers

Once you've made an initial impression, it's time to push customers to action. And here's where integrated media can really help. By serving targeted ads to customers who have browsed your website and augmenting this strategy with broad-based media like print and TV ads, you can close in on your targets.

Though this might seem like a fragmented strategy, Target Marketing Mag explained that customers respond to relevant, multimedia touch points to inform and accelerate their purchase paths. Using multiple types of media, marketers can remind customers of their product multiple times in slightly different ways and can turn browsers into buyers. While it's true that one size doesn't always fit all, a media strategy with multiple facets can work if planned and implemented correctly.

Every business' marketing strategy looks different. For yours, include integrated marketing every step of the way, as it can help your business move customers along on this journey and hopefully lead to higher purchase intent and increased conversions.

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