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How Solid is Your Mobile User Experience?

Mobile User ExperienceHave you ever searched for a company on your smartphone, clicked on the site and nothing happens? The site won't launch, so you go to plan B, which is likely another company's site. It doesn't matter that your company has adopted the latest technology, offers incredible products and wows with customer service if your mobile user experience is frustrating.

Eighty-nine percent of people are likely to recommend a brand after having a positive experience on mobile, according to Think With Google. And, what if the experience is a flop? Another 62 percent of people are less likely to shop with that brand in the future based on negative experiences in this realm.

Auditing Your Mobile Functions

Think like a customer. Step away from the computer and use your company's website, social media feeds and mobile apps on your own devices to take note of the actual usability. Leave the office. Try your services using public Wi-Fi and travel in areas with questionable reception, like the subway. If the budget allows, assemble a focus group to generate unbiased feedback on user experiences.

As you conduct the audit, pay attention to load times. If your mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, 53 percent of users are likely to click away and go to their second option, Think With Google explained. Is your site or app making personalized product suggestions? Sixty-three percent of mobile users expect relevant products to be offered, based on past purchasing or search history.

Other factors to examine and measure include compatibility across various brands of devices and ease of navigation, according to Mashable. Is your app fluid with both Apple and Android systems? It should be. Does your sign-up form require more than a name and email address? You might be pushing away potential users. How many clicks does it take to make a purchase? A simple checkout process keeps users happy.

Improving the User Experience

After you've collected the user experience data, work to improve the load rate, simplicity of use and the relevance of product suggestions. Focus on an interface that's consistent across channels. You don't want to leave your audience wondering if they have the correct mobile app or website for your business. Using the same color scheme, logo, fonts and general design aesthetics across all marketing pieces — including printed materials — creates a cohesive persona that customers seek for brand identity.

Make the user experience a priority for your company, especially if you're looking to improve mobile web offerings or create an app. It could make a significant impact with your customers.

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