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How to Adapt Your Video Marketing Strategy to Video Micro-Moments

Video Marketing StrategyThough you may not have heard of video micro-moments before, chances are good you've probably already benefited from one. Think With Google defines micro-moments as highly specific moments of intent that lead consumers to look for answers, discover new things or make decisions online, often with a mobile device. No matter whether someone is looking for a plumber to repair a leak that just sprang that morning or is trying to get estimates for a big home improvement project, consumers are looking to their mobile devices to help them solve life's everyday problems. Video micro-moments are a great way to reach them.

Remember: No Matter Your Business, Video Is for You

It's a common misconception that video marketing is only for certain industries. It's easy for cosmetics companies to market themselves with makeup tutorial videos, for example, but what about home service businesses? Consider this: a woman is wondering if she needs a plumber for a leak under the kitchen sink. She may be able to connect with your company via an educational video micro-moment that includes information about different kinds of leaks. No matter what your business is, there is always an angle that can help you connect with your base and take advantage of these micro-moments.

Think Like Your Base

Think about your ideal consumer for a minute. If you're running an appliance installation business, think about what kinds of questions typical customers might have. Do they want to know about how installations vary by brand? Are they concerned about cost? What about the appliances themselves? Would they be interested in reviews? If you're having trouble coming up with a unique angle for your videos that will help your business find new customers, picturing the questions that your ideal customer might have and then translating that to video content could help put your content in front of consumers who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Get the Word Out

Though it would be nice if all consumers interested in your business could find you via organic search using keywords related to your business, there's simply too much online clutter to hope for such an outcome. Fortunately, with the help of a savvy marketer, businesses can help potential customers find them online, even when they're not looking, with relevant video ads. While it's true that most micro-moments begin with a search, your brand can help curate the conversation with video ads and content that is relevant to typical consumer interests. Marketers can help businesses go beyond demographic targeting with their video content and instead communicate with viewers based on special signals of intent or context. So, for instance, a company that specializes in installing window treatments may target consumers that have recently purchased a home, are looking for home improvement ideas or are even looking to buy a house in the future. Though these categories are a little broad, marketers can help businesses drill down specific demographics in their local area that will be most receptive to their content.

Consumer behavior has changed a lot in the past decade, and video micro-moments have become an important driving factor behind conversions. Making sure you have the right digital marketing partner by your side will ensure you're making the right moves.

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