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How to Create a Facebook Business Page and Drive Engagement

Facebook Business PageWhether you're wondering how to create a Facebook business page or simply want to increase the engagement of an existing page, investing time and effort into this social network is a wise decision. Regardless of age, location or behaviors, one thing is for certain: your audience is on Facebook.

As of March 2017, the social media giant had nearly 2 billion monthly active users, according to Facebook. To put that in perspective, that's more than one-quarter of Earth's population. But with so many people on Facebook — and so many businesses using the network to attract and engage potential customers — how can you make sure you're getting noticed?

Here's what you need to know.

Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

While it may look easy from afar, setting up and managing a Facebook page can be a challenge and it's easy to make mistakes. This is how to start:

  • Create a Facebook business page - A business page is equipped with several tools and an insights dashboard to help you manage your account. This is much better than a personal profile, which lacks these features and looks less professional.
  • Choose the right images - It's important you use a clear, well-designed and recognizable logo image for your profile photo and an engaging and attractive cover photo. Also, images should be high-quality and appropriately sized, the social media service explained.
  • Keep your 'About' section simple, concise and easy-to-read - This isn't the place for a five-paragraph company history. Instead, clearly state your mission, a brief description of your organization and a short overview of the benefits customers will enjoy by using your products or services.

Improve Facebook Page Engagement

After you understand how to create a Facebook business page and become familiar with its interface, there are a few things you can do to increase reach and engagement, including:

  • Designate a social manager - Select one well-trained and well-qualified person to monitor the page, post regularly and respond to customer messages.
  • Post regularly - It's highly unlikely people will engage with your page unless you're engaging, too. Facebook is a great place to announce upcoming events, share blog posts and other content and discuss topics relevant to your audience. Keep it authentic and stay away from sales pitches.
  • Consider paying to play - Facebook often updates its algorithm to ensure users are only served content relevant to their interests — often at the expense of businesses. After a 2012 update, only about 16 percent of a page's fans saw its organic content, according to eMarketer, citing a study by Edgerank Checker. This number dropped to 6.5 percent in 2014. While organic engagement is possible, paid reach is necessary to drive substantial traffic.

Facebook is an excellent investment of your time and effort. By using the above tips on how to create a Facebook page and engage your audience, your ROI can improve markedly.

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