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How to Improve Customer Service With Phone Call Tracking

Call trackingPhones may have changed dramatically over the years (just think about the transition from the rotary to the iPhone), but the value of phone calls as a selling tool has remained constant. Brands of all industries rely on phone call communication as a primary means of engagement with consumers, a tool for problem-solving and as a solution to the challenge of how to improve customer service.

The value of direct conversation hasn't diminished, but the way those conversations are powered has changed dramatically. Call tracking can record a range of data points that offer better insights into what people want. Meanwhile, call monitoring and recording can still be used to provide quality assurance on customer service experiences. Plus, these insights can also be paired with gleanings from call tracking analytics.

For brands looking to improve their phone call service, the path to improvement is wide-open.

Building Insights From Call Monitoring

Technology has revolutionized the phone call referral game for brands, but the technical aspects of call monitoring remain largely independent from limitations. As Call Miner points out, brands should develop a standard of service to guide their phone call monitoring plan. Key metrics should be established to paint an accurate portrait of how customer satisfaction is ensured.

These metrics could cover everything from problem resolution rates to call duration or even placing phone calls into buckets to identify which aspects of a brand experience brings up the most issues. With these metrics in place, you can establish best practices to optimize phone call experiences and raise the standard for customer service.

The Value Of Call Tracking

The source of your phone calls shouldn't be ignored as a performance metric. The ability to drive phone call referrals through one-touch buttons featured through online search results and/or business websites is fairly new, but it can tell you a lot about how and why consumers are calling your company.

The ability to track consumers from an online action to an offline form of engagement makes phone calls as trackable as clicks on an web page, which is uniquely insightful for an offline channel. Meanwhile, this call tracking can provide insights related to keyword searches, user metadata and accurate cost-per-conversion metrics to help you better understand the value of your phone call infrastructure, according to Business2Community.

Improving The Customer Experience

Once you understand how to improve customer service, you can bring phone call services into your larger branded experience. Call tracking analytics and tools can easily integrate with other marketing platforms, and the data gathered from this channel can support sales, keyword bidding and other arms of marketing campaign management.

As you place more emphasis on creating seamlessly branded experiences, consistency is being emphasized on every channel—online, in stores, in brand advertising, and yes, even over the phone. By integrating call tracking and monitoring into other aspects of your operations, that experience will become more organic, and more beneficial, to your company.

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