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How To Improve Your Marketing Strategy - Beyond The Usual Approach

_341062If it's been awhile since you reviewed your marketing strategy, it's time to kick it up a notch. Whether it's a holiday promotion, product launch or annual strategy, your next marketing campaign needs to sizzle. Move beyond the catchy, yet expected, social posts and standard weekly branded video spots. The basic strategy you've been embracing needs a makeover. Here's how to improve your marketing strategy.

4 Bells and Whistles to Amplify Your Approach

Marketing Land reminds us that effective marketing strategies include implementing ideas that closely align with your client's objectives (revisit those!), conducting target market research and understanding what your audience actually needs — not just what you want to tell them. Reach your goals faster by trying new formats, platforms and messaging that provide greater influence on your target audience.

  1. Native Advertising: When you want to engage consumers by showing the value your business can provide, consider native advertising. Native campaigns include long-form content that can inform, educate or entertain the reader. It's a more subtle way to tell your story. The style, color, tone and formatting of native ads are also subtle, mirroring the surrounding content to provide a more seamless user experience.
  2. Video Advertising: From social media feeds to websites, video captures our attention and pulls us into an experience. Why not play with a new video format, style or placement to captivate viewers? Have you tried empathetic storytelling? An animated explainer video? Or sharing customer success stories? Think about the video messages that will resonate most with your audience and try something new. A/B test your video formats to determine which is delivering better results.
  3. Mobile Display Targeting: If you're still cross-posting one message on all channels, it's time to customize your message to the platform. Learn how to use Targeted Display solutions based on psychographics and geotargeting to get the most out of your ad spend budget. Thanks to GPS technology, ads from quick-service restaurants can pop up when viewers are physically near brick-and-mortar retail locations to influence a visit.
  4. Pre-Roll Ads: Is your target audience watching YouTube videos? Of course they are! Who isn't? From How-To videos, to product reviews and just pure fun, there is video content for everyone. Capture your audience's undivided attention before they dig in with a Video that can't be ignored. Make sure you capture interest in the first 6 seconds and tell a story that won't be forgotten.

Want to learn more about leveraging these solutions for your next campaign? Local Solutions can help you research and implement a hyper-focused campaign that will deliver your message where your target audience spends their time. With these solutions at your fingertips, you'll see immediate improvements to the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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