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HVAC Marketing Ideas for Hot Summer Success

HVAC marketing ideasAs summer heat looms in the forecast, ramp up your HVAC marketing strategies for desktop and mobile. Both SMS and MMS can be customized to fit the changing weather conditions, creating an urgency that persuades customers to take action now. Twenty-five percent of customers who need to replace an HVAC system say they need the new system up and running within three days, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Use this HVAC marketing checklist to ensure your strategy can take the heat.

Have You Audited Your Cache of Go-to Keywords Lately?

Break out of the everyday flow and see what new keywords and phrases are gaining popularity in search engine results pages. As summer approaches, there's surely more demand for air conditioning repairs and prices for new central air systems. Leverage these popular search terms in your paid marketing efforts during the hottest months of the year.

Have You Increased Your Paid Search Budget?

As you research keyword performance, adjust paid search efforts accordingly. Drop the references to new heating systems and furnace repairs. Instead, focus on cooling. More specifically, integrate the new keywords that are in high demand but are producing few results in the search engines, which helps you dominate the space.

Have You Enabled Call Tracking to Understand Which Campaigns Are Driving Calls?

Some of the most in-demand services from your client are on the other end of every incoming phone call. Use call tracking to analyze top concerns and what benefits customers are looking for based on your current campaigns that encourage a call to the office. Is it price? Is it the availability of new systems? Is it installation time? Are most of the inquiries from residential or commercial customers? These questions help you iron out your target online audience during warmer months.

Have You Updated Online Business Listings?

Over the winter, did the business expand, move or add a new location? Be sure every point of contact, from websites and apps to social media pages, reflects the new information. Take this time to also diversify ways to get in touch. Have you enabled the contact button on the Facebook business page? Did you create an opt-in box on the website to follow up with current customers about summer maintenance tips and service call coupons?

If you're not sure how to put these marketing ideas into action, contact an expert for help. There's no reason to miss out on sales opportunities when the heat strikes.

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